Reboot a mac keyboard shortcut

Shut down or Restart with keyboard shortcut

Close the Terminal window, where you will then find the Reset Password tool. A list of all user accounts on your Mac will be on display.

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To reset the password for your account, you'll need to set a new password for all users. Make sure you write down the new password for anyone who shares your Mac. After entering the wrong user password a few times, you might be asked if you want to reset the password using your Apple ID. Alternatively, you can click on the question mark icon in the password text field followed by the arrow icon to trigger the same process.

After entering your Apple ID email address and password, an alert will let you know a new keychain that stores your passwords will be created, but your old keychain will remain saved on your Mac. If you ever remember your old password, you'll be able to unlock the old keychain.

Follow the rest of the prompts to create a new -- easier to remember -- password for your user account. Either method is an effective way of regaining access to your account, or if your child forgot their password.

How to Force Restart a MacBook, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro

Of course, if you can use this to get into your Mac, so can someone else who has access to your computer. You can prevent that from happening, you'll just need to be more proactive with storing recovery keys and remembering your password.

How to Handle a Mac Freeze

Here's how to lock down your Mac. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy , which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. Don't show this again. How to bypass and reset your password to get back in Don't freak out if you get locked out of your Mac, there's a built-in password tool for this exact problem. By Jason Cipriani,. Dan Graziano.

Get faster at using your Mac with these great keyboard shortcuts

Your startup disk will check for errors and make repairs, and only use the required kernel extensions. This mode will also prevent the startup and login items from opening when your Mac starts up. It disables custom user-installed fonts and clears a number of macOS system caches too. This can make it hard to attempt a fix.

It's called Apple Service Diagnostic, and we'll show you how to get it and use it for best results. This is ideal if you have problems with your hard drive or recovery partition.

There are times when your Mac may misbehave and refuse to boot into OS X.

This includes date and time, volume, desktop settings, and so on. Shut down your Mac, power it up, then immediately hit the key combination above. Wait till your Mac reboots again, then let go of the combination. Most Apple computers use the combination of keys provided above, but some models require you remove batteries or remove the power cord instead.

Recovery mode is your ticket to solving many macOS problems from a friendly environment.

How to Force Restart Your Mac

Here's a troubleshooting guide to help get your external hard drive or flash drive working again. Later you also may want to restore it. Here's how to do both. If you want to transfer files from one Mac hard drive to another, Target Disk mode makes it simple. By starting a Mac in Target Disk mode, you can connect it to another Mac and copy files to and from the drives. In essence, it turns your Mac into a hard drive enclosure. Apple states you can use:. Here's everything you need to know about your MacBook ports. Single User mode boots your Mac into a minimal text-based environment with no GUI, and no drive volumes mounted on startup.

This mode allows you to fix problems with a Mac that refuses to start. The clue here is in the name.

How to Use OS X Boot Options to Troubleshoot Your Mac | TechRadar

Instead, Verbose mode is perfect for those instances when your Mac hangs on boot. You can see exactly what is interrupting the boot process, and hopefully take steps to remedy it. For example, many boot problems are related to third-party kernel extensions.

Verbose mode may highlight the problem extension, allowing you to reboot in Safe mode, remove the offending item, then boot as normal and try again. Is your Mac old enough to have an optical drive?

reboot a mac keyboard shortcut Reboot a mac keyboard shortcut
reboot a mac keyboard shortcut Reboot a mac keyboard shortcut
reboot a mac keyboard shortcut Reboot a mac keyboard shortcut
reboot a mac keyboard shortcut Reboot a mac keyboard shortcut
reboot a mac keyboard shortcut Reboot a mac keyboard shortcut

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