World record time eating big mac

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He was on the job uninterrupted from June 1, to May 15, Jude's Children Hospital. Somehow he did this without simultaneously breaking any records related to caffeine consumption.

McDonald’s Big Mac: man to devour 30,th Maccas burger

Sure, Justify won the Triple Crown this year. But he'd still look up to Big Jake. On his record-setting day, the 9-year-old Belgian Gelding horse at Smokey Hollow Farms in Poynette was measured at So not only would Justify look up to him, LeBron James would too. Purposely putting a liter of gravy in your mouth is crazy, yes. But it's nothing compared to filling your mouth with actual fire. Canadian fire-eater Brant Matthews, aka FireGuy, extinguished flames in one minute at the Wisconsin State Fair less than a month ago.

Some records cause people to recoil.

Here's How Many Big Macs You'd Need to Eat to Break the World Record

Others, like the world's oldest groom, are kind of precious. Stevens was , making him the oldest groom on record. Here's hoping they enjoyed their years together.

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Howell in November The aluminum vehicle, if we can call it that, was constructed by a local welder, according to the Baraboo News Republic, and Howell had to wear rubber-soled shoes and dedicate a lot of practice time to be able to ride distances of up to 24 feet. It also was the second time in three years this record was broken in the Fox Cities.

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It was then broken by a family in Ireland, before the Kaprals came along. It appears Andrew Neuer of Pennsylvania holds the record in real-life bowling for most career games with When it comes to "Wii Sports: Bowling," however, the perfect games apparently come a little more fast and furious. At his Onalaska home over a span of seven years, John Bates racked up 20, perfect games on the Nintendo system.

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That record was set in Assuming his arms haven't fallen off, I have a hunch he's since rolled a few more. Around the time of the opening of the Meijer store in Appleton earlier this year, the supercenter chain teamed up with Kimberly-Clark to wipe out a record set in in Brazil.

Gopher lineman ranks high in annual college football 'Freaks List'

To set the new mark — perhaps the most disposable on this list — more than a dozen volunteers assembled a pyramid of toilet paper rolls that stood more than 14 feet high and more than 19 feet wide. Don Gorske is a retiree living in Wisconsin, you may recognize him from his brief appearance on the film Super Size Me. He is the world record-holder for Big Mac eating and has vowed to not stop eating burgers from the fast food chain until the day he dies.

Despite eating way too much fast food, year-old Gorske's health is doing just fine. In case you're wondering, eating 30K Big Macs comes out to be about The cost of these Big Macs equals to be 5 cars or 16 grand pianos. So basically if you're thinking about eating some fast food any time soon, we think you'll be ok if this guy can eat 30K Big Macs and get away with it! Full story here Photo via Getty Images.

Fond du Lac's Don Gorske eats milestone 30,000th Big Mac

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world record time eating big mac World record time eating big mac
world record time eating big mac World record time eating big mac
world record time eating big mac World record time eating big mac
world record time eating big mac World record time eating big mac
world record time eating big mac World record time eating big mac
world record time eating big mac World record time eating big mac

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