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Part 1: Create Windows 10 Bootable USB on Mac via Terminal (Without Bootcamp)

All commands report that they are successful, but the disk can't be mounted.

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You should be able to use pretty much any tool to place the iso on the thumbdrive. Since you have a Windows installation I would use the Windows 7 tool that exactly this just on a Windows 8 iso. Now do the following: Select the USB key select the root device, not its partitions Select the partition section at the top Change the Scheme to 1 Partition Change the Format to Free Space Click Apply You will get a confirmation dialog appear ensuring you really want to delete all data on the key, choose Partition.

2. Let’s create Windows 10 & 8 bootable (or recovery) disk using Microsoft Media Creation Tool

Elapsed Time: The easy part, actually copying the image to the USB key. George George 1 1 gold badge 3 3 silver badges 19 19 bronze badges. This method was already tried, coincidentally from the exact same guide.

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  5. Have you tried the Windows 8 Enterprise iso? Good luck! I always wondered why dd was so slow on Apple computers..

    How to install Windows 8 on a Mac

    Remember to use unmountDisk before dd. CoderDennis CoderDennis 2 2 gold badges 5 5 silver badges 18 18 bronze badges. DennisPalmer Unless Windows 8 added this, you do not need a key to install. Solely to activate; however, you have 30 days until that is required. While I did not encounter any errors, the resulting USB media was not bootable. While I did not encounter any errors and the resulting USB media seemed to be bootable, it just crashed during boot started to boot then halted the system, no error.

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    Part 2. How to Create A Bootable Windows 10/8/7 USB on Mac without Bootcamp

    Another common error is when trying to copy the Windows installation files. In still other cases, you'll notice that several Mac features don't work when running Windows, such as Apple Software Update stopping, no audio from built-in speakers, mic or webcam not recognized by Windows and so on. To avoid such errors and issues, which can often take quite a lot of your time to figure out and fix, you can use alternative solutions to install Windows on a Mac from USB.

    Though you will still need to use Boot Camp Assistant for part of the process, but you're not likely to come across major installation errors when doing this.

    How to Install Windows on a Mac With Boot Camp

    You can also use Terminal in Mac to help you install Windows. The next two sections describe these methods in detail. You can easily fetch all the required drivers using Bootcamp, but the installation process for putting Windows on your Mac is different from how Bootcamp does it. It can do a lot more than just create bootable media, such as creating ISO files, editing them, copying from disc to ISO and so on.

    For this process, you will need to use the Burn module, which is explained below:. When the dialog appears, click Save and specify a location for the files. Step 3 : Open the UUbytes program and click on the module that says Burn. Select the ISO image and click on Burn. This will create your bootable USB drive for the Windows installation. Step 4 : Launch Disk Utility app and go to the Partition tab.

    How to: Install Windows 8 on a Virtual Machine on Mac (Free)

    Step 5 : This step is very important. It is a legal way to download Windows 10, and Windows 8. Of course you need product keys or license keys in order for you to activate your Windows. Here, we have the way to download the genuine Windows product directly from Microsoft! First of all, we are going to download the latest Windows 10 and Windows 8 iso images directly from Microsoft website.

    There are two different links. Click the one that you are looking for, and then click download button to start downloading Windows Media Disk Creation Tool. Look for the download Media Creation Tool file, and just double click the file to run. You do not need to install or activate anything.

    How to Install Windows 10/8/7 on Mac without Bootcamp

    When you run the application, you will see something like the picture below. There are two options, you can upgrade your current Windows operating system with this tool. Also, you can download and create a Windows bootable media. Now, you need to choose one of many Windows 10 versions.

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