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Verify your email We require an up to date email address. Please confirm your address. Save Game Please enter a name for your game. Save Cancel. About Gamefroot Gamefroot is the world's easiest to use game creator and allows you to fast track your web and mobile game development! Version History Version 3 3. Add Select Object context menu option.

Display more feedback when scripts cause problem when previewing game. Display script names in context menu a convenience you never knew you missed. Support moving anchor points without moving the object. Support DOM object creation not yet surfaced in Gamefroot. Fix Magic Tile Creator not uploading properly.

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Fix a popup constantly appearing complaining about scripts not loading properly. Place game objects in the Editor at precise integer values. This should prevent minor visual fuzziness. Conform dates on project lists to ISO Tweak buttons in Open Games dialog to use smaller icons. A confirm dialog will now appear when trying to delete projects. It now rotates and scales along with the game object, allowing for more intuitive handling. Fix issue where clicking overlapping scale nodes could make the transform tool unresponsive.

Automatically re-select something if the editor thinks no layer is selected. Fix losing script data when updating a pack, e. Give packs proper titles right from the start. Prevent users hitting "SAVE" quickly multiple times and confusing everything. Improve error-handling on empty scripts. Improve information gathering, allowing us to better investigate issues.

Fix "retry save" option.

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Fix some save issues where the project would save properly, but still display an error. Improve Gravatar display compatibility. Add behind-the-scenes tools to make it easier for Gamefroot to identify and resolve problems in future versions. Unfortunately, these options relied on the Cocoon service by Ludei, which has ceased operations. A Cordova implementation is forthcoming.

Make game save process more reliable. Extend autosave to all projects loaded in a single session. Improve icon loading. Fix Layer Box positioning. Fix a rare issue where the brush tool would start placing copies of a sprite every time the pointer moved out of the Editor stage. Prevent users from accidentally publishing packs to the Marketplace. Improve screen capture for feedback. Consolidate magic tile display in Marketplace packs. Fix user avatar displaying nothing after logging in with Google. Add eye icon to toggle password display in login and registration forms.

Remove ability to open Userback feedback form from error modals, as it was confusing. Improve connection reliability via retry strategies. In particular, saving projects should be much more reliable. Don't show a Welcome message if a user was in Guest mode and has logged into an existing account. Improve reliability of texture handling in WebGL. Add "Play" button to Game Dev Club games list. This will open a new window where you can play the published game immediately. Add ability for Game Dev Club admins to change club member passwords. This is useful if young club members have forgotten their passwords, and cannot use the email recovery function.

Add ability to unpublish published games. Nothing will be drawn. This supersedes the old behaviour where the mouse pointer turned into a question mark. Streamline process of signing in from guest mode. Fix problems when logging in via Facebook or Google. Fix an issue where, if you added the same script to several objects in a row, those objects shared the same behaviour properties until you reloaded the project.

Fix an issue where behaviour properties might disappear from objects after saving a copy of a project. Fix Upload dialog failing to show an early upload error. Prevent users from uploading images and animations that are too large for Gamefroot to handle properly. Each image must fit inside a x area; and all images in an animated object must fit inside a x area.

Restore "Report a bug" to the Help menu. Fix an issue where the Character Creator could hang in the "loading" state. Return to this info screen by clicking the Gamefroot logo in the top left of the Editor. Add structured activities for guest users. Improve experience for guest users becoming regular users. Add filters and searches for Club users. Show a crosshair when placing tiles or game objects, for greater precision.

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Performance enhancements. Stop default browser actions on key presses, except inside text input areas. Fix scripts created via "Add Script" context menu option turning into big black squares in Firefox. Let us know if you see this happen! Revert recent tilemap physics changes. While it is more correct for objects placed inside walls to be moved outside of walls when physics runs, it was confusing for some users. Be careful when rotating or repositioning objects near obstacles. Under current physics rules, if an object is partially inside another, they are not touching and can move through each other.

This can happen when using the red Transform blocks. Think of it as teleporting from place to place, whereas the rust Physics blocks actually move and can collide with things. Fix scripts created via "Add Script" context menu option popping to the left and making part of the game object unclickable. Fix some templates failing to load. Speed up publishing projects with several tile maps. Fix an issue with tiles where you could pop through a corner on the top left.

Fix minimap controls appearing in the wrong place. These copies are updated whenever you change anything in your game. You can access these copies under the "Autosave" tab in "Open Game". This tab was formerly called "Save History", and local backup only updated when you attempted to save.

We made Autosave much more powerful and automatic, so you can recover from just about anything, from editor bugs to your device powering down unexpectedly. When a game saves successfully, remove copies from local backup. You should only see autosaves for games that haven't saved properly.

Some old copies from before this policy may remain in the Autosave tab. Projects saved before the beginning of October may be affected. Delete game button now refreshes "Open Game" list instantly. Improve reliability of save process. Improve network reliability. Update tile physics. Under some circumstances, game objects could be pushed or moved into tiles and not collide properly, and fall out of the game.

Tiles will now be much harder to get inside. Fix an issue with visiting certain sub-pages while not logged in. Guest users are prompted to register when trying to save. Fix the coordinate selection tool. It's much easier to set the path for moving platforms now. Fix script timers running after the level ends and causing problems. Fix camera shake causing view distortion. Camera shake has been restricted slightly.

The block will now set camera offset to 0 on the relevant axis when the shake begins; and will round the offset to the nearest integer, to prevent some issues with sub-pixel texture sampling. The result is slightly coarser but more consistent. Fix getting caught halfway between screens when pressing TAB during gameplay. Fix the Loading message not going away under some circumstances. Fix duplicate levels causing problems, such as tilemaps affecting other levels or the game refusing to preview.

Fix clicking Editor not deselecting text fields. Fix getting Editor shortcuts when hitting keys outside the Editor, e. Fix problems with Save As, where assets might wind up in unexpected packs. Fix getting a question mark if you select a Script before selecting an Asset in the sidebar. Additional bug fixes and performance enhancements.

Use these to manage projects if you have connection issues and are unable to save any other way. Got a problem? Call us on Skype straight from the error report screen. Saving can be canceled if it is taking a very long time. Avatars now use your initials if you don't have a Gravatar.

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Game objects sidebar shows tooltips, with name and dimensions of the asset. Useful if you want to distinguish between similar assets. Delete games from your Open Games list. If you want to access a deleted game, click "Show deleted games" at the bottom of the list. Improve layout. This grants access to code clubs, where educators can consolidate student activity. Onboarding tips are now available for certain tutorials. This smooths out the experience for new users. When active, this will place assets on layers named with the category or tag of the asset. It means you don't have to worry about the layer box.

This is currently invitation-only. See the projects published by other club members, details on club schedule and location, etc. This is an advanced feature.

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It allows you to right-click a game object with a script and "prefab" it, so that all instances of that asset you create from now on will have that script attached automatically. Improvements to save and load performance. These are accessible under the "Save History" tab in "Open Game". This is useful if you cannot sync to the cloud. Users can work with templates without risking modifications to delicate prefab systems.

Major improvements to the way scripts are saved and loaded. Plenty more tutorials with our affiliates. New minimap. Layers box allows selecting individual game objects. Manipulate selected objects with arrow keys. ALT snaps scale factor to non-zero whole numbers. Version 2 Version 2. Pro and Educational accounts are now 'live'. You can now export to IOS and Android.

A few User Experience changes in the Asset Palette making nicer animations. In the Asset Manager we have change the order in which packs are displayed, making it easier to manage your packs. A dropdown in the Resources sidebar, making it easier to go through a resource. Version 2. Changes to templates, making it easier for users. Context Menus now don't get placed off the screen. Some script editor fixes. Some text changes to make sense it some places. Fixed a lot of the "aww snaps" errors that popup, thanks to the users that reported those issues!. Fixed A lot of bugs. Fixed a couple blocks in the script editor.

Fixes for older browsers. Fixes for some browsers making the menus go over some other buttons. Tutorial sidebar is permanent now. A lot of modals have been fixed. Some more Internet Explorer Fixes. Some more Edge Fixes.

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Change the underhood Assets API. Fixed issues for Internet Explorer. Fixed issues for Edge. You can now remove assets using the "context menu" A few more blockly blocks to play around with. Bug fixes. Resource Sidebar can be enabled through the beta menu. Devices Sidebar can be enabled through the beta menu. Fixed a bunch of problems with local preview. Enabled Local Preview by default with the server preview as fallback. Fixed a few modals with css problems. Fixed a few problems with login. Bug Fixes and UI updates.

Script Icons style has changed. Some Fixes for Local Preview. MP3 Files should play in the Asset Manager again. Script Editor buttons style has changed. Recover your account is a bit nicer. Fork Script is now Copy Script. Sidebar Asset Palette style changed. You now get a "game pack" so you don't have to manually select a pack everytime you want to upload an asset Side bar is more stable.

Smart Layers, this will auto select layers for certain type of asset. Saving is more stable. Loading is more stable. Dialogs have nicer headers. Error Modals making things nicer. Tiled Saved format. Terrain should be noticeable faster Script Editor style has been changed. Packs stuck in the loading faze bug should be fixed. Brush acts differently now, it will place an item and select it. We added some experments that we are currently playing around with that will get into core in a later update.

Resetting passwords should be heaps better. New Character Creator! Level Reordering is far nicer! Many Bugs fixed. Version 1 Version 1. Tablets modal, is dismissible now. The script editor now shows what blocks you can plug another block in to. Fixed the hitboxes for uploaded custom assets. General Bug Fixes. Version 1. Login Modal Tweaks. You can stop music in the asset manager.

Sound - blog post here Brushes Resize them self after layer size change. More robust way of saving games, so it doesn't fall over when you lose your internet connection. Lots Bug Fixes. Asset Manager now show's the correct content's of your pack. Assets feel smoother, to use. Fixed the bug where you sometimes get the "New Game" modal pop up twice. Fixed the bug where when you load a game, it would bring up the "New Game" modal. Fixed a bug in the templating to show the loading modal for the duration of the loading process. Plenty of other bug fixes. Old games built in the old flash engine are now visible in the list of games.

A tweak to the css so firefox will actually render an image properly. User Icon's wont weirdly change back to random images. Previewing a lot of terrain will be a lot faster in most cases. Saving and loading speed's have vastly increased. Script icon will display on asset's that sometimes wouldn't have them. The level won't duplicate it self after saving the game. Some overall bug fixes and tweak's to make Gamefroot that much better. We have a new template game that people can use to build upon. Speed up animation Editor Added the new zip Uploader Version 1. Tonnes of bugfixes. Updated first template game.

Publishing to Gamefroot will update to your game instead of making a new one. Some tool tip's to some thing's to help new user's understand what they are.

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Make an entire game in a minute just by clicking the right buttons : Massive fixes to publishing to Gamefroot. Temporarilly removed Deviant Art link, it was a sad panda and it needs some love. Fixed issue with adding scripts from packs. Fixed a number of issues that blew up the publish to Gamefroot dialog.

Fixed an issue with the Subscribe dialog preventing us from taking your money.

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Reduced payload to take entire microseconds off the page load time! Saving, Loading and Previewing should be significantly faster. Script Instances value set to 0 or false will save and reload correctly now. Characters should now be in game objects as they are just "gamObjects" Animations will get updated if you update them through the animation editor. Level Renaming Select tool fixes Mini-map scrolling. Assets Choose assets to use in your game. More packs can be found on the Marketplace. New pack. Add to Marketplace Add new Asset. Game Object. From Animation Editor. Sign in or Open in Steam.

Early Access Game Get instant access and start playing; get involved with this game as it develops. Why Early Access? The "Struckd Creator" for desktop provides you with game builders tools for your computer. Struckd is also available on mobile. We're looking forward to your feedback. Let's build the greatest, easy-to-use game creation platform, accessible for anyone on the planet.

We have setup a Struckd Community Group on Discord and talk a lot to our users in any channels. Power-Users give us the most valuable feedback and we are keen to integrate their feedback, feature requests and content requests. Play Game. Recent updates View all 9 24 October, Struckd v1. About This Game Welcome to the next-generation virtual gaming platform: Struckd is the place where people of all ages come together to easily create, share and play games without any coding!

Join our fast-growing community and build your own games or play thousands of user-generated games from more than different countries. Set your creativity free and build a fast-paced racing game, fight through a tense adventure, make up your own puzzles or imagine playing a pirate in a virtual world created by you. Make levels easy to play or test the skills of the community. It is all in your hands! Choose from over free elements and build whatever you can imagine.

Combine as many elements as you want to make your games special and achieve plays and likes from the community to see how you progress as a game designer! Time is now for your ideas! Maybe one of your game creations is becoming the next viral super hit! Struckd is free to download, play and free of ads. Grand Theft Auto: The 3D Game Builder includes several pre-defined projects with the initial game structure ready to use; Allow the users to directly import 3D models created in the most common 3D modeling softwares; And allow users to create the logic of the games writing scripts using the programming language Pascal, which is commonly used to teach logic programming.

Get inspired by other indie game makers. Build your own racers, adventures, jump and runs, physic puzzles, or invent your own gameplay style. I would like to have it, but don't want to damage my computer. Play games together with your friends! I would try scratch. Characters, heroes, animals, robots, cars, vehicles, landscape elements, buildings, road elements, collectibles, platforms and more.

Pirates, dungeons, foreign planets, deserts, forests, dinosaurs and many more.

3d game maker free download mac 3d game maker free download mac
3d game maker free download mac 3d game maker free download mac
3d game maker free download mac 3d game maker free download mac
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3d game maker free download mac 3d game maker free download mac
3d game maker free download mac 3d game maker free download mac
3d game maker free download mac 3d game maker free download mac
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3d game maker free download mac

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