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The MacBook comes in two "flavors" and each has different benefits for DJs. The software is going to work the same on either notebook , but the standard configurations and price tags are different. The MacBook Air is lighter and thinner, but that may or may not be a good thing.

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Yes, it's lighter to carry, but the Pro has more heft and may feel more sturdy when you're mixing at a party. The price tag on the Air is also lighter. The Pro has slightly higher-end hardware and Kensington lock capability, so it may be worth the extra cost. If you're going to DJ in large public venues, consider a Kensington lock system to secure your notebook to the table. Once you've nailed down which MacBook to buy you can start mixing.

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Paid DJ programs offer more mixing and track options, but free programs offer plenty of options. Import music onto your hard drive or plug in an external hard drive loaded with digital tracks.

The best laptops for working on your music

Within the DJ software select music folders to access, and set up a folder to export newly recorded tracks. You have the option to mix "live" or record a file to play back later. It's a good idea to create a couple of prerecorded mixes before a gig just in case your computer crashes or there's a technical problem during the show.

If there's a glitch, play your prerecorded track from a CD or USB drive on another computer so there won't be any dead air during your gig. Aubrey Kerr is a writer and photographer. With a B. Her work appears on several websites including Salon. The database based on Word Net is a lexical database for the English Language. See disclaimer. System Requirements In order to mix and playback tracks there are a few system requirements to consider. Mix it Up Once you've nailed down which MacBook to buy you can start mixing.

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Read More may come in useful here. Besides a laptop, speakers should come high on your list of priorities. A basic set of Hi-Fi speakers may suffice for a house party, but birthdays, weddings, and other events may require something more powerful.

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While a whole industry is built around live music reproduction, a basic public address PA system such as the Peavy audio performer pack or Behringer Europort EPSMP3 should be enough to get you started without breaking the bank. Peavey PA, No party would be complete without a lighting show. Read More. Whether you're using a Mac, Windows, or Linux, every level of skill and budget is catered for if you want to start DJing.

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Before you spend the remainder of your budget on gold-studded headphones or a stretch limo to take you to the venue in style, you should probably buy a microphone. How else will the audience hear your epic MC-ing? The Shure SM57 is one of the most popular, rugged, and reliable microphones you can buy. The SM57 bundle comes with everything you need to get started, including a mic stand and cable.

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Being able to cue your next song in the privacy of your own headphones is not just a fantasy, but is almost a requirement to being able to DJ effectively. The Sennheiser HD Pro headphones offer outstanding sound quality, along with excellent exterior sound attenuation.

Top digital DJ tools, from apps to pro systems

While slightly on the expensive side, these headphones have a near legendary status in the pro-audio industry — and for good reason! Here are our favorites, ranging from ultra-budget to high-end! An audio interface is a special box that produces high-quality sound from any computer. As YouTuber Audiohackr explains, audio interfaces or sound cards are almost required for good sound quality:.

The Focusrite Scarlett Solo is small enough to fit into any bag and provides two line outputs, which you can connect as a stereo pair to your PA system. This USB interface has a microphone preamp as well, so you can branch out into live recording in the future. Firewire audio interfaces like the Focusrite Saffire Pro 14 are available, but you may wish to consider a newer standard, as Firewire ports are rapidly dropping out of circulation.

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A DJ controller is a fairly essential tool for digital performances. The Numark Party Mix is an excellent budget choice, or you could go for something like the Numark Mixtrack Pro 3 , which has a few more features albeit at a higher price point. A MIDI keyboard is a keyboard that instructs your computer to play a certain note.

Powered by USB, this keyboard also features several pads and dials, which you can use to trigger samples and adjust settings.

dj equipment for mac pro Dj equipment for mac pro
dj equipment for mac pro Dj equipment for mac pro
dj equipment for mac pro Dj equipment for mac pro
dj equipment for mac pro Dj equipment for mac pro
dj equipment for mac pro Dj equipment for mac pro

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